Repeal Net Neutrality Ensures Discrimination for Communities of Color and Poor People

“I’ve learned over the past 11 years of work in black and brown, unemployed, citizen, and immigrant communities is that the right to free speech means little without the means to be heard. The internet can be that means, and in so many important moments in recent years – from Black Lives Matter to Occupy – it has been. But only if we have strong protections like Title II and Net Neutrality."                                                          

-Ajit Pai

Black Facebook users are having their accounts banned for speaking out against racism.

"I’ve lost count of how many Black organizers have had their Facebook accounts temporarily or permanently banned for posting content that even remotely challenges white supremacy." 

 -Didi Delgado

Empire Files: The Sikh Experience in America

People of the Sikh faith, commonly mistaken for both Muslims and Hindus, are frequent targets of bigoted hate crimes—in fact, the first victim of post-9/11 hate crimes was a Sikh man. In 2016, attacks against Muslims—and people perceived to be Muslims, in particular Sikhs—has reached an all-time high.

-Abby Martin

Tips for Putting Intersectionality into Practice

We’ve compiled ten tips for putting intersectionality into practice to promote opportunity for individuals and communities who face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination. This list can serve as a starting point for social justice advocates, policymakers, journalists, and researchers interested in incorporating an intersectional approach in their work.

- The Opportunity Agenda

'It feels important': the counter-narrative artist challenging how news is reported

"Like those of any individual, a newspaper editor’s judgments and gaze are clouded by the person’s prejudices. What if the newspaper put a Ferguson police officer on the front page and said he was profiling?  It’s not untrue. It’s just not a risk a publication can take.”

-Alexandra Bell

The new Alt-Feminism, when white supremacy met women’s empowerment

"Around the same time that she was lauded as an “evangelical feminist icon”, Bachmann as a “positive for Black families”. The same year that Michele Bachmann was profiled by CNN, the British paper The Telegraph interviewed Marine Le Pen about her rise to Front National leadership. In the profile that ensued, they repeatedly spoke of her “feminist politics” and her “feminist appeal”.

- Flavia Dzodan 

Latinx Privilege Check

If we really want to strive for the liberation of all people of all Latinx, then we not only have to understand how systems of oppression work, but we have to recognize the ways in which we’re perpetuating those systems of oppression through those privileged identities.                   -Kat Lazo


Better teacher prep is critical to helping black students succeed

Instead of fixating on black male teachers, we need to examine how teachers are trained, their beliefs about young minority men, and how they engage their students. They should be prepared to teach to each student’s unique needs, and to recognize that no student learns best under conditions that make him feel uncared for. A better solution is to train all teachers, black and white, to acknowledge the biases they hold about their students based on their race, class, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability. Then they can learn strategies for being effective with these students despite their differences.”

- Chris Edmin

Russian operatives used Facebook ads to exploit America’s racial and religious divisions

The Russian campaign — taking advantage of Facebook’s ability to send contrary messages to different groups of users based on their political and demographic characteristics — also sought to sow discord among religious groups. Other ads highlighted support for Democrat Hillary Clinton among Muslim women.

- Adam Entous, Craig Timberg and Elizabeth Dwoskin