...can be tricky. But with Black Lives Matter, white privilege, Trump’s wall, the repeal of ObamaCare and #OscarsSoWhite filling our newsfeeds, the need to skillfully talk about race has never been more essential. 

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BLIND SPOT curates a content-rich environment to practice this discourse. Our salons are a series of facilitated discussions where videos spark small-and large-group conversations that lead participants to build new skills and strategies to confront systemic racism and implicit bias. Through these discussions, participants learn to articulate their thoughts and feelings about race, recognize systems and ideologies that contribute to racism and analyze their own actions as contributing to or working against systemic oppression


Regardless of our primary identities, how we are perceived also intersects with our race, gender, sexual orientation, and a myriad of other characteristics and histories that make up who we are.  The better we understand those intersections, and the more practiced we are at talking about these issues, the better community members—indeed, the better collaborators—we will be.