"Contextualizing racial oppression allows us to see ourselves in the picture, which can empower us to to use our privilege as a tool wherever we are."   



“How do we intervene as practitioners in the field in shaping and recasting and making sense of information?”

-Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble

“When we talk about race, when we talk about racism, when we talk about racial justice, it is important to remember that there are levels to this thing.”

-Jay Smooth

"The metropolitan area was segregated, not by white flight or by private prejudice, although those certainly played a role, but by racially explicit, purposeful federal, state and local government policy that lasted over a century.”

-Richard Rothstein      

“The fact is that in my country the distribution of wealth, income, educational attainment, health, imprisonment, representation in entertainment, business leadership overwhelmingly favor white people.  
Including me.”

-Colin Stokes

“Systemic racism functions when good people simply move through the world unconscious of the racist institutions and assumptions embedded in the everyday world.”



“It’s important for us to recognize that by virtue of being raised in the United States we all have bias. My bias may be different than your bias but there are some collective patterns that emerge.”

-Julie Nelson